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Replacement Wires

Sometimes it’s nice to have a few extras laying around for when you accidentally run over your markers with a lawn mower or when your garden fairies wander off with them. Please note that these are only the wires, you can buy complete plant markers or replacement plates on another page. Also, the wires are not interchangeable between series, so make sure that you check to ensure that you get the right ones.

E Series Replacement Wire


Loved for their sturdy double stake design these wires thread through our E Series Plates. Perfect whether you want to have a few extra wires on hand or need to replace some damaged ones from last year. Note: These wires do not work with our Miniature E...

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C Series Replacement Wire


These Wires pair with our most popular C Series Garden Markers. With their sturdy double stake design and easy slip over plates it's no wonder people love them. Great buy for having extra wires on hand or for replacing damaged wires. Length: 10", 15",...

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G Series Replacement Wire


Featuring a sleek, single stake design, the G Series is a favorite for people with larger gardens. Excellent for if you want spare wires on hand or need to replace some damaged ones. Length: 20" Pack of 25, 100, or 500 Wires only, Plates not...

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