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Here we have our favorite marking tools. Each has their benefit and tradeoff, but any option you choose will clearly show up on your Metal Garden Marker. Decide which pen works best for your needs and get labeling!

Marking Pencil


Our Marking Pencil is also known as a carpenter's pencil and can easily be sharpened with a small knife or a sharpener made specifically for carpenter pencils. It comes in a pack of four which will last you considerable amount of time, but will be less...

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Marking Pens Combo Pack


The combo pack comes with three of our favorite marking tools: the China Marker, Nursery Marker, and Uni-paint Pen. If you don't know what pen will work best for your situation, the combo pack will give you a variety of permanency and visibility.

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MPD X Paint Pen


DescriptionThe new MPD X Paint Pen is an excellent choice for permanent marking applications, particularly in areas with extreme weather conditions. The dual action xylene solvent system cleans dirty surfaces as you apply the paint, plus the medium sized...

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